Home Economics

Home Economics in Years 9 and 10 is a two year course providing a framework for growth in many of today's life skills, with a strong emphasis on practical work. Students in each Year level complete a semester each of Food and Nutrition, and Clothing and Textiles.
Year 9
  • Snacking for Life
  • Meals for life
  • Child development and toy making for pre-schoolers
  • Sewing a utility bag
Year 10
  • Fresh choices for life
  • Love food for life  - including Foods from other Cultures and possibly a school based function eg High Tea for Family.
  • Housing needs and shelter –Designing furnishing items - cushion making which may incorporate dyeing fabrics or patchwork techniques. A focus on bedroom design
  • Quilting textiles – Creating a Christmas stocking
Year 11 and 12
Hospitality SAS (Approach B) is offered as an elective in the senior years. Hospitality is an area of study that provides students with a range of interpersonal skills with a general application in personal and working life, as well as with specific knowledge and skills related to employment within the industry. This subject can if successfully completed contribute to a student’s QCE, a total of four points over the two year course.
The hospitality industry has become increasingly important in Australian society as a source of expanding employment opportunities. This study area specification is designed to provide an understanding of the role of the hospitality industry as well as the structure, scope and operation of related activities. The hospitality industry provides the context and standards in which students not only learn to understand the industry's workplace culture and practices, but also develop the skills, processes and attitudes crucial for making valid decisions about future career paths. The specification also enables students to investigate hospitality as a source of leisure activities, life skills, or as an avenue for further study.