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Seton College's daily structure is designed to provide the most ideal and productive balance of learning, pastoral care, and opportune break times for our students. 

Each day starts with a Pastoral Care (PC) class, enabling students to prepare for their learning with the best possible mindset.

PC classes are vertical, which means students gather in their house groupings and engage with peers across all year levels. Some of the benefits of this vertical system include:

  • helping to build a greater sense of community with increased interaction between year levels
  • ​providing additional opportunities for students to lead, particularly in the older age groups.

In PC classes, students are guided through activities—some linked to the curriculum, others linked to personal development and the non-curricular activities that are part of school life—which provide a positive, proactive start to each morning.  

Six ​x 50-minute curriculum periods, two formal breaks, allowance for movement between classes, and a final ten-minute PC meeting ensures student learning opportunities are optimised and transitions are smooth.

Seton staff continue to undertake professional development to ensure that learning and teaching continues to meet the needs of our learners and provides opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know and can do. As we transition to closure at the end of 2024, it is critical that we continue to provide quality engagement opportunities and learning outcomes for all Seton students.

Click ​here to see our student programs until closure at the end of 2024.