Many students have realised their potential at Seton, graduating with confidence and transitioning to their post-school choice, be it further education or the workforce. Whilst at Seton, students acquire the skills to become willing, capable, global citizens; future-ready in an ever-changing world.

While our College motto—"Sursum Corda" (Lift up your Hearts)—challenges us all to be a person of hope, our vision and mission are infused throughout the ten sayings of Seton. These sayings present learning and character-building opportunities.

  • Everyone has the right to have a happy day
  • Each day is a new day
  • Look good, feel good
  • Work to achieve
  • Class time is serious time
  • Do your best, whatever your best may be
  • Each person has a different best
  • Everyone has the right to learn
  • Each person is a child of God
  • ​Look for the face of Jesus in everyone we meet.​
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