Student support

The wellbeing and care of our students is a fundamental part of how Seton College operates. We value our partnerships between students, staff, families, and community enormously.

To provide safe, supportive, and inclusive school and classroom environments that promote learning, at Seton, we apply the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Framework. Using our College name as an acronym, 'SETON' clearly sets out our community expectations and values. It also provides a common language of expectations for staff and students in all settings.


S say the right thing

E engage in learning

T treat all with respect

O own your own behaviour

N never give up

Targeting Individual Behaviour Support is an essential element of the PB4L Framework. Students are highly supported and encouraged to improve and develop their decision-making skills. PB4L enables staff to respond effectively with a continuum of student support at the universal prevention, targeted intervention, and intensive personalised tiers. The following supports and strategies are an example of what is in place:

  • Individual behaviour support plans
  • PB4L lessons
  • Wellbeing events
  • Staff briefings
  • Pastoral care systems, including daily classes
  • Student Wellbeing & Attainment Leaders
  • Guidance counsellor support
  • Diverse Learning team support
  • Campus Minister support.

And when additional individual support is required:

  • The Euroa Room is a designated space for students to visit if they are experiencing elevated anxiety that interferes with their learning. It is a quiet and calming space offering various sensory furnishings and accommodations. Students access Euroa with counsellor approval.
  • ​The CONNECT Student Support area is the designated space for students to visit if they have a CONNECT card. Students may have ten minutes' quiet time before transitioning back to class with a Wellbeing Leader. While in CONNECT, students may request to speak to the Student Engagement & Participation Leader or the guidance counsellor.​