Student Support

Seton College has a dedicated Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Leader and follows a Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support philosophy to support student formation and redirection.  Using the College name as an acronym, SETON clearly identifies the expectations and values of the entire community:


S say the right thing;
E engage in learning;
T treat all with respect;
O own your behaviour;
N never give up.

Targeting Individual Behaviour Support is an essential element of the SPBS Program. Children are highly supported and encouraged to improve their d​ecision-making skills and overall behaviour, as needed. Seton College maintains an eight-level behaviour support process which is utilised and communicated clearly and consistently to our students, and where counsellors may be engaged at any point. Among others, the following strategies or supports are in place:

  • Pastoral Care Systems and Student Wellbeing and Attainment Leader
  • Wellbeing Committee and Analysis
  • Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L) Program
  • Diverse Learning Team
  • Guidance Counselling Staff Support
  • Individual Behaviour Support Plans
  • Years 8-12 Personal Development Program
  • Daily Pastoral Care Period, Announcements and Meditation
  • Daily Staff Briefing
  • Campus Minister Support
  • Year 12 Camp/Wellbeing Events


Euroa Room​

If a student experiences elevated anxiety which interferes with their learning, respite for 10 to 15 minutes is available in our Euroa Room.  Euroa is a quiet and calming space where no computers are allowed, offering various sensory furnishings and accommodations. It is used as a short retreat for students. ​