Student Wellbeing

Seton College was established for students of all abilities. The curriculum is similar to that offered in any regular secondary school. However, the College focus was in providing opportunities for students who had experienced difficulties with their schoolwork in earlier years. The College motto - "Sursum Corda" (Lift up your Hearts) challenges each member of this community to be a person of hope. In this spirit of optimism and through a concern for each individual student, students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to proudly take their place in society.

Many students have been able to realise their potential at Seton College. They exit from the College confidently able to pursue further education or to enter the workplace with all the skills to become willing, capable and successful workers.

Our mission is encapsulated in the following sayings which we present to the students. These sayings present challenges for each student to develop in their character as well as their learning.

  • Everyone has the right to have a happy day
  • Each day is a new day
  • Look good, feel good
  • Work to achieve
  • Class time is serious time
  • Do your best, whatever your best might be
  • Each person has a different best
  • Everyone has the right to learn
  • Each person is a child of God
  • Look for the face of Jesus in everyone we meet . ​