Principal Warren Bath Praises Community for its Response to Online Learning


Seton College Principal Mr Warren Bath has thanked the community of parents, family members and caregivers for their support in the success of alternative learning during the COVID-19 lockdown, praising the tight-knit, dedicated group for their responsiveness to the challenges of learning online.
“This was an unprecedented time for education worldwide,” Mr Bath said.  “At-home learning could not have succeeded without the extraordinary commitment of our families and caregivers, many adapting to learning technologies for the first time.”
Mr Bath said it was the community’s willingness to interface with digital learning that ensured the least disruption possible to the beginning of Term Two.
“We were aware that helping their children engage in online learning took many of our parents and caregivers into very new, very unfamiliar territory,” Mr Bath said.
“The modality of online learning is familiar to some tertiary students, distance learners and to varying degrees in some secondary schools. At Seton College some of our senior students engage in online learning in a limited capacity, but in this instance, we were asking our entire community to engage in a way many had not previously experienced.”
Mr Bath said that rolling out extensive online education “under normal circumstances” would be a scenario requiring “thousands of hours” of substantiation, discernment and planning but that the global pandemic demanded an extraordinary response from educational institutions.
“I am absolutely buoyed with the ability of staff, parents and students to respond in the way they have to this significant change,” Mr Bath said.
Responding to the technological learning curve and the rigours of setting up “school at home”, some parents expressed praise for the way in which the College delivered its learning and teaching plans: 
We have three children at three different schools ranging in age from 16 to 10 and Seton has been, by far, the best at this online learning/working at home experience. Thank you to all of your team! (Mrs B)
Hats off to all the Seton Team for all their support, patience and understanding as this certainly assisted positive engagement in online learning. (Mrs C)
A big thank you for your amazing work as online teachers - you are all truly amazing.  (Mrs F)