Daily Structure & Student Programs 2021 - 2024

​Seton ​College's daily structure is specifically designed to provide the most ideal and productive balance of learning, pastoral care and opportune break times for our students. 

Beginning each day with a 50-minute enrichment class enables students to prepare for their learning with the best possible mindset, transitioning smoothly into their day. In Enrichment, students are guided through activities – some linked to the curriculum, others linked to personal development and the non-curricular activities that are part of school life – which provide a positive, proactive start to each morning.  

Five x 50-minute curriculum periods, an earlier lunch break, allowance for movement between classes, and a final 10-minute pastoral care meeting ensure the best use of time in any given school day so that a student's learning opportunities are optimised, and transitions are smooth.


Student Programs 2021-2024.pdf