Enrolments at Seton

​Dear Parent/s and Carer/s 

​​Thank you for your interest in Seton College. In exploring the options for your child’s secondary education, I encourage you to consider our ethos: Every Child is a Learner. Every Child is an Individual. Every Child Can Be Successful. At the heart of a child’s educational journey at the College is the solid belief and understanding that they can attain their personal best.

Specialists in learning differentiation, we are a purpose-built secondary College delivering individually tailored, vocationally driven education. Our planned pathways into work or further study begin with a focus in the early years on literacy and numeracy. Our cohort size is strategically managed relative to the needs of our students in any given year of enrolment. This means we can provide the highest level of individually tailored teaching and learning. At our College every child is known by name, respected and cared for, and valued as part of a tight-knit community.

A Seton College education is built from the Australian Curric​ulum and comprises two essential elements:

  • Literacy and numeracy in Years 7 to 10;
  • Pathways Planning and Vocational Education and Training into work, apprenticeships, and further study in Years 10 to 12.
Underpinning these educational elements is an incomparable level of individual care for students, where their voices are recognised, nurtured and developed. Our students embrace their learning and grow into the best versions of themselves, knowing they are each valued within the College community. Seton College students have the opportunities of attaining the Queensland Certificate of Education and of planning pathways into the workforce or further education. Combined with our literacy and numeracy intensives, it is this planning and the attainment of the necessary training certificates, qualifications, apprenticeships, and work experience while at school that can equip your child with the skills and confidence required to forge meaningful career paths. We help your child find their strengths, recognise their potential, and we help shape their learning and experience in a purposeful direction. We help build futures. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your application in detail.

Yours faithfully

Warren Bath
Principal ​