Enrolment Policy


The Seton College Community was formed in God’s name by the Daughters of Charity of St. Elizabeth Seton in 1964.

In the spirit of St. Elizabeth Seton and according to the values and traditions espoused by the Daughters of Charity, we seek to promote the spiritual, intellectual and social development of students.

The College is open to all who support the ethos of a Catholic school and who accept the values of the Catholic faith.

As a school of “specific purpose”, Seton College welcomes students with a range of abilities. However, as the College is not a designated Special School, it may not be able to accommodate the needs of all students.


The enrolment procedure follows the guidelines set down by Brisbane Catholic Education.  

Applications are welcome from families of all faiths or denominations but preference is given to Catholic students.

While applications for enrolment are welcomed from students with a range of abilities, the College will seek to maintain a balance of abilities at each year level.

Enrolments of students with particular needs will follow the Guidelines for the Support of Students with Diverse and Exceptional Needs, a procedure mandated by Brisbane Catholic Education.

Each application will be considered on its merits. All relevant information must be fully and accurately disclosed for consideration in determining the enrolment. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the enrolment process.

The Principal and staff of the College need to be satisfied that the student will benefit from the existing curriculum, staffing and facilities.

All applicants will receive written advice on the outcome of their enrolment application.

The final decision of an offer of enrolment rests with the Principal.


Applications for Year 7 enrolment are accepted when students reach Year 5 or higher in Primary School.

All parents will be asked to authorise their Primary School to release information and complete a confidential report which that school will forward to Seton College.
This report requires comment on academic ability, educational assessments, attitude, behaviour and any additional support presently being received. This is to enable the College to make sound judgements before a place is offered.

Once a full educational profile and supporting documentation has been received, the enrolment secretary will contact the family to organise an appropriate interview time. Students are required to attend the interview. At this time students may be asked to complete a short [10 minutes] diagnostic test in literacy and numeracy.

Interviews are conducted in the order of receipt of full enrolment applications.

In some cases, further interviews may be required. In addition it may be necessary for Learning Support Staff from Seton College to visit the Primary School to clarify issues.

All applicants will receive written advice on the outcome of their enrolment application.

At all times the best interests of the student will be considered in making the right educational decision.