QCE Information

Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) study can be particularly daunting. All the rules and requirements as well as the huge range of subjects can scare and confuse you.

It doesn't have to be that way. On this page you will find information and links to more information about QCE rules and requirements as well as lots of helpful subject specific material.

QCE Study Requirements:

When you are studying towards a QCE you have a wide range of learning options. These can include senior school subjects, vocational education and training, workplace and community learning, and university subjects undertaken while at school.
Courses of study are organised into 4 categories:

- Core
- Preparatory
- Enrichment
- Advanced
To be eligible for a QCE, you must achieve at least 20 credits of learning. A minimum of 12 credits must come from completed Core courses of study. At least 1 credit must come from Core studies completed while enrolled at a school. The remaining 8 credits can come from a combination of core, preparatory, enrichment or advanced courses, with preparatory studies contributing a maximum of 6 credits. Partial completion of a Core course of study may also contribute some credit. You must also meet the QCE literacy and numeracy requirements. Details on how you can meet these requirements can be found here.
The Queensland Studies Authority oversees the awarding of the QCE and they have a brochure that explains how it works and how you set up your pattern of study. You can access this brochure here.