Gap Year / Volunteering

A "Gap Year" is where you take a "year off" after your secondary schooling to do something else before you undertake further education and training (or full time employment).
Normally, people travel, work part time or do volunteer work, or a combination of these.
It is now a common practice to defer university for a year and undertake these activities before commencing university the following year. Students often use this time to work to gain "independent status" before going to university, however, I suggest you visit the Centrelink website to check on the current guidelines for this.
The "Year 13" website has a lot of information on Gap Year options and other programs. It's well worth a look.
The sections below contain information on different Gap Year programs that are available and also, a very common Gap Year activity - Volunteering.

Common Gap Year Programs:

The following are a list of companies and organisations that offer Gap Year opportunities - normally volunteering programs and work and travel opportunities.
You can visit their websites to get details. This is by no means a complete list. If you enter the search term "gap year" into Google, you will find a lot more.
  Youth Central Plunge Gap Year
  Reachout Australian Defence Force Gap Year
  i to i Camp Counselors USA
  Projects Abroad Cultural Care Au Pair
  Letz Live IEP
  Antipodeans Abroad Snow Skool
  Youth Works Student Placements


Volunteering is a really common Gap Year activity. It is a great opportunity to experience other cultures and develop a broad range of skills - all while helping other people.
Below is a list of sites where you can explore volunteering opportunities:
  Lattitude Global Volunteering Antipodeans Abroad
  Global Work and Travel St Vincent de Paul
  Projects Abroad Care Australia
  Volunteer Gap Year Volunteering
  World Youth Year Out Group
  Real Gap Volunteer Overseas
  Volunteer HQ GVI Australia
  World Youth Australian Volunteers
  Volunteering Australia Conservation Volunteers
  The Red Cross  
Student Exchange Programs:  
  World Education Program Lions Club Youth Exchange
  Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Rotary Youth Exchange
  STS Student Exchange Student Exchange Australia New Zealand
  Youth For Understanding  

Teaching in Your Gap Year:

A very common option for a Gap Year is to take up a teaching (or teaching type) position in a school. This can include a range of different activities and will often involve supervising students in a boarding house situation.
Below are some sites that give you information about these types of opportunities:
  Gap Year 365
  Tutors Worldwide