Career Games

The "Claim Your Future" Game:    
This is a game where you are randomly given a particular job and the annual/monthly salary for that job. You then have to decide on your monthly living expenses, including housing, food, travel, phone and other expenses to see if you can survive on that salary.
Careers Explorer Game:    
This game gives you a list of of skills, qualities and other factors and asks you whether they are important to you in a job. Based on what you decide, it will present you with a list of jobs that might suit you and gives you information on these jobs.  
Job Matching Game:    
A "Drag and Drop" game where you match the names of jobs with the description of that job.
As a bit of a twist as well as playing the game based on current jobs, you can also play using ancient jobs.... do you know what a "Knock Knobbler" did for a job?
Employability Skills Matching Game:    
This a a card flip "memory" type game where you have to match the names of different employability skills with the descriptions of those skills.  
Your Leadership Style Test
​This game or survey/test is designed to show you your leadership style in groups. It consists of 50 questions with simple "tick a box" answers and at the end it will show your what style of leader you are.