School Profile

SETON COLLEGE was established in 1964 by the Daughters of Charity of St. Elizabeth Seton. The College is a Catholic co-educational High School but is open to students from non-Catholic families who are prepared to support its Vision and Mission. It has a maximum enrolment of 335 students from Years Seven to Twelve.

Its modern campus is located in a bush land setting at Mount Gravatt East, 12 km South-East of Brisbane’s CBD. An extensive building program in recent years has seen the building and upgrading of classrooms and specialty areas and the construction of a large covered piazza. All class rooms are air-conditioned and the school has its own chapel, large and small playing fields, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor gymnasiums, specialty classrooms and runs a 1:1 notebook program.

As a school of “specific purpose”, Seton College welcomes students with a range of abilities. In particular it seeks to provide opportunities for students who have experienced difficulties with their schoolwork in earlier years to achieve success. The College is not a designated Special School and may not be able to accommodate the needs of all students seeking enrolment.

At Seton College we seek to identify the strengths and abilities of individual students and develop those while targeting specific academic areas where the student needs additional assistance. Seton’s small class sizes and “multi-levelled curriculum” enables students to achieve at all levels.

The college curriculum includes most core subjects and a variety of elective subjects. Particular emphasis is given to literacy and numeracy, inculcating good study and work practices, encouraging independence, and developing strong communication and organisational skills. Small classes, a strong core curriculum, focused teaching and extensive learning support give students the opportunity to do their best “whatever their best may be”. Once they have ‘picked up the pace’ and gained confidence the flexibility exists for students to move on to more challenging levels in other classes.

In their senior years at Seton College students may choose to study for the Queensland Certificate of Education, do a variety of vocational and Certificate courses or choose to transition to other appropriate academic and vocational pathways. Work experience, work placements, certificate courses and traineeships are offered from Year Ten. This can give students a “head start” with credits accumulated towards the Queensland Certificate of Education or to enter the workplace confidently.

Within a small school setting strong connections are able to exist between the home, teachers and students. Students come to be known well by the teachers and academic progress is closely tracked so that students do not ‘slip through the net’. Many students at Seton are very talented, and being a small school, are able to participate and develop these talents in a variety of ways, opportunities that they may not have in larger conventional schools. Seton students with particular sporting, cultural and creative abilities have gained local, state, and sometimes national recognition.

An ethos of pastoral care and positive behaviour reinforcement pervades the school and provides students with a good network of support. Weekly whole school assemblies focused around liturgies encourage students to live the Christian Gospel values and ‘see the face of Jesus in everyone they meet.’ Raising awareness of people in need and funds for those who are disadvantaged is a focus of Seton College so that students look outside themselves to practice charity.

Seton College aims to provide the very best curriculum and educational opportunities for students to enable them to achieve at their best in a pastoral and caring Christian environment, to seek to be lifelong learners so that they may pursue further education or enter the workforce confidently and capably in order to positively contribute to society.