Mission Statement

The Seton College Community was formed in God’s name by the Daughters of Charity of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in 1964.

In the spirit of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and according to the values and traditions espoused by the Daughters of Charity, we declare:


We affirm that the Seton College Community is called to be, first and foremost, a Community of Faith based upon belief in God and a commitment to Christian living and values within the College and in the wider community.

We believe Education in Faith has a central place in our college. We acknowledge the relevance to all areas of learning of Gospel values and the Christian way of life as interpreted in the Catholic tradition.

We commit to a shared Christian life expressed in celebration, prayer, worship, the presence of religious symbols and our dedication to pastoral care and service.

We aim to assist all to achieve their potential as educated, thoughtful, responsive Christians who will take their place in society and influence it positively.

We seek a spirit of mutual trust, sharing and co-operation as we support each other (staff, students and parents) in the spirit of our motto –

‘Sursum Corda – Lift up Your Hearts’


With Christ as our Model, we will strive, in peace, justice and love, to achieve our Shared Vision by:

Interacting together as befits followers of Christ to foster the faith of all members of the community – staff, students and parents;

Fostering a just, safe and caring environment where all individuals are valued and respected for their gifts, capabilities and experiences;

Providing all students with opportunities to realise their potential and enrich their lives by developing curricula that are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are creative, challenging and relevant to the students’ needs;

Welcoming parents to participate in various aspects of college life, as and when appropriate;

Empowering our community to commit to shared responsibility and the maintenance of open channels of communication.