Principal's Welcome

Principal2019.jpg​​S​eton College is one of one hundred and forty-four schools administered by Brisbane Catholic Education. It has, in its fifty plus year history, provided education that is personalised, vibrant and diverse, drawing from the Australian curriculum with two defining features:  a focus on literacy and numeracy in the middle years of learning followed by tailored pathways into the workforce or further study that include certificate level qualifications, apprenticeships, traineeships, and structured work experience programs from Year 10.

Following an independent external school review using the National School Improvement Tool in 2018, changes in the nature and number of enrolments, and changes in Federal Government legislation related to Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD), adaptation was required to ensure the College remained relevant and responsive to student needs into the future. Brisbane Catholic Education began a campaign to recruit a more diverse range of learners to the College to provide a schooling experience better aligned with the best practice principles of inclusive education which propose that the best outcomes for students with disability occur within inclusive schools. Failing to attract a more diverse range of learners to the College and, in keeping with our philosophy of inclusive education Brisbane Catholic Education made the difficult decision to transition the College to closure in 2024. In making every effort to support the wellbeing of the students, a long transition process of five years was determined so that all students in Years 8 to 12 in 2020 will be enabled to complete their education at the College. The small Year 7 cohort in 2020 will remain until the end of Year 10 in 2023 when these students will receive individual help to move to another school.

In the transition period to 2024, we remain committed to carefully managing our cohort size and offering a high teacher-to-student ratio so that individual potential can be recognised and developed, and futures nurtured.  Students will continue to be valued and respected as individuals, recognised as part of a community, and encouraged to strive towards their personal best.

The hallmarks of a Seton education - individuals confident in their abilities and meaningful contributors to society will remain our aim until the College reaches its sixtieth year.

Warren Bath