​​​Fee Collection and Payment Policy
​ In keeping with our ethos as a Catholic School, we seek to ensure that our fees and levies are affordable for all families.

Families with limited capacity to pay school fees have an entitlement to apply for a concession on tuition fees. Concession applications are accepted at the commencement of each year or when hardship occurs and are treated with compassion and confidentiality. Concessions are not ongoing and applications must be resubmitted at the commencement of each new school year. Concessions are means tested with all income taken into consideration including wages, Centrelink payments etc as well as housing costs (rent or mortgage) and living expenses.

Payment Difficulties
Families experiencing times of difficulty in paying a school fees account should contact the Principal or Business Manager as soon as possible, preferably before the due date. Assistance may be provided such as extensions of time and/or payment by instalment.

Issuing of Fee Statements
  • Statements of Fees and Levies are issued at the commencement of the term, usually by the second week.
  • If a student exits the College after the commencement of the term, the refund will be calculated on a ½ term basis.
  • Payment is required by the due date which is always shown on the fee statement.
  • An account rendered/reminder notice is forwarded for accounts that are unpaid after the due date.
  • Should an account remain unpaid the College will make contact with you to discuss the outstanding fees and levies.
  • If no agreement can be reached for payment the College will engage the services of a professional debt collection agency. Once accounts have been handed to the debt collection agency the matter effectively passes out of the College’s control. Your credit rating may also be affected.

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